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  • I grew up in the middle of Long Island, New York. My dad is an accountant by day and comedian, Stevie GB, by night. My mom stayed at home with me and taught me to love animals. I was in all honors classes in school, but my favorites were anything art related.
  • I wanted a renaissance dress for my 16th birthday but couldn't get one. That's when I started teaching myself to sew. Since then, I've made well over 200 things, costumed off-broadway, and sold my creations all over the US, Canada, Europe, and even Australia.
  • My first pet was a cairn terrier named Happy. Since then, I've had countless fish, bred mice and hamsters, 2 guinea pigs, 2 rabbits, 2 budgies, a quaker parrot, a cockatiel, 2 cats (plus many fosters), and 2 more dogs. Now I have Jones, who I will never refer to as a dog, but an actual little boy in a dog suit.
  • I taught myself to play ukulele (and you can too!). I've played it at farmers markets, downtowns, YouTube, and on stage opening for my dad. I bought my first one for $30 on ebay and now own a vintage 1930's uke named Admiral Snow. I also have learned piano, banjo, and clarinet in my past.
  • I've worked in retail, waitressing, customer service, car repair... but the two coolest jobs I've had was working for Toshiki, sewing wool and shearling coats at his house in NY, and talking about animals while driving the Safari truck at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  • I moved from New York to Kentucky in 2004 and was married to Jeremy in March, 2006. We honeymooned in Disney World and ended up moving to Florida in 2008 where we bought our first house. We separated in 2014, but are still best friends.
  • I LARP (Live Action Role Play) as a longtail troll druid named Wenikee. I also play World of Warcraft on a free server (Dalaran WoW) as a Tauren Druid named Minniemoo (come find me!). I love story-driven or sim video games both on console and PC, tabletop RP, and board games.
  • I love exploring, whether it's in nature, hiking and rock scrambling, or in cute little towns with unique shops. I listen to world/folk music and soundtracks the most, and I usually read mystery and some fantasy novels. I also really enjoy learning about religions and culture.
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